Monday, April 30, 2007


"Do you have any Wiis in stock?"
"...Wait, what? Are you sure?"

And that is how I got a Wii today.

It's so fun. My favorite so far is Boxing, but only because I absolutely beat the shit out of all my foes. I'm at 300 points already.

Golfing is my least-easiest game, but then, golfing doesn't involve laying the hurt down.

Bowling is alright, but the ball always has an annoying curve off to the left (offset by positioning myself a little to the right).

Baseball is alright, but I can't get the timing right yet and my one game was a tie. (Lousy game with no tiebreakers grumble grumble).

Tennis was alright. The best strategy there seems to be swing the Wiimote as hard and as fast as you can and pray. Though I'm sure I'll get better with practice.

I also bought Twilight Princess, but I'm too tired from beating the hell out of people for that tonight. Mom has expressed interest in playing, though.

My fitness age: 54
Mom's fitness age: 70

Once I get the Internet on it set up, I'll hook you all (hahaha) up with my Friend Code and shit.

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