Saturday, April 28, 2007

This and that

So, I just finished Fluke, by Christopher Moore. I think he's fast becoming one of my favorite authors; I first discovered him while browsing through the discount books section of Amazon and saw Bloodsucking Fiends on sale. Well, I'm a sucker for vampire romance (unless it's crap).

Another curiously interesting thing is the webcomic Girly:

I found it...somewhere. Wikipedia, I think. And it's basically my second-favorite webcomic currently (Questionable Content being the first: )

So, in Command and Conquer 3 news, I gave that first Sarajevo level a shot again. This time, I sent a few Riflemen in APCs up to where the backup gets pinned down by a turret and rocket dudes garrissoned in the nearby buildings. Well, upon arriving there early, I discover that the rocket dudes and the turret are nowhere to be found. I quickly garrison the buildings and gun down the rocket dudes as they arrive. The turret also falls swiftly to my sustained firing.

However, things fell apart when I tried to get the MCV back to base. It turns out enemies had also garrisonned buildings along the route back to base, and well, I got all exploded. Better luck next time, I guess.

I've also been playing Oblivion heavily lately. I love it when I wander into an Ayleid ruin, wonder, "Hm, where have I heard this place's name before?" and then discover that a vital component of the main quest is at the bottom of the place. Really, it's a testament to my own senility.

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Brian said...

It's always so weird to hear someone just discover a webcomic that I used to read. Yeah, Girly is pretty good.

I've been rereading the archives of Stubble Comics for a while now, and it's bizarre to read comics you used to love years ago. Despite the flaws in it, the main character's character development is still, like, the best ever.