Monday, April 9, 2007

In which I discuss stuff that isn't videogames. Mostly.

Well, I played Oblivion for several hours the other day and it didn't crash. I'm playing a mage character, and once I go through the Mage's Guild, I'll try out Shivering Isles.

So, I recently finished House of Leaves. I found the analytical nature of the primary story a bit too dry for my tastes, and the footnote tales of Johnny Truant were mostly not compelling to me. It was satisfying overall, but I probably won't read it again (especially since I intend to send it to my friend Doust).

24 has also once again failed to not be awesome. I totally called the not-death of Audrey, though. And I can't wait to see what the Chinese are up to.

One of my vices are cheesy disaster flicks. The other day, I watched some shitfest on the Sci-Fi channel starring Stephen Baldwin as he tries to prevent the moon from breaking in two (a condition caused by an asteroid plunking it, in a plot similar to one of my favorite novels, Moonfall). Anyway, it was a poor disaster film; none of the principal characters died, and there was only a relatively small amount of devestation. To be fair, though, they blew up Mexico City, one of the planet's most populous cities. 

Anyway, I'm currently watching a flick called Deep Core. It was made in 2000, but it shares a lot of similarities with 10.5 and The Core. This is a good thing. 

It also has lots of cheese, and cheese is an important ingredient in many disaster flicks. CHEESE!

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