Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Top Shtuff of 2007

In no particular order:

Video Games

Supreme Commander -- The game which made me fall in love with RTS games. (Dishonorable Mention: Command and Conquer 3, for almost making me fall out of love). Perhaps I should go and copy all my observations from when I first played from my LJ and post them in here.

Hearts of Iron II -- Published in 2005, I only recently discovered it. It's so fun overturning the applecart of history. Poland forever! (Until I get bored and decide to play as Germany sometime).

Crysis -- Disappointing singleplayer, rather fun multiplayer. It's not a revolutionary game or anything, it's basically Far Cry with prettier graphics. And I don't even get that privilege, what with my minimum specs computer.

Postal 2 -- Another game which came out a few years ago, it's hilariously horrific and offensive fun. Basically, GTA minus the driving parts. It's so fun to dive into a crowd of people with a katana and leave behind a pile of torsos and limbs.

Civ 4: Beyond the Sword -- Yeah, I'm sure you've read tons of reviews fellating this expansion pack. They're all right.


The Oblivion Society -- Good stuff. Stylistically, it's like Shaun of the Dead meets nuclear war.

World War Z -- Okay, this came out a year or two ago, but shit, it's my favorite book and this is my list, so suck it.

24 Declassified -- A series of novels starring Jack Bauer. Go read them.

1632 series -- Over a dozen books in the series. I'm currently working my way through 1634: The Bavarian Crisis, and I seriously wish there was a dramatis persona because damn, there's so many characters I can't keep track of them anymore.


24 -- Duh.

Heroes -- The latter part of S1 was aired this year, so it counts. And I guess the ass-end of S2 as well, though the first two acts were terrible.

Journeyman -- Best show of the year. Fucking NBC cancelling it, fuck.

Life -- Upon reflection, it's alright. I'd take Journeyman over it, though.

Dexter -- A smashing season.


Hot Fuzz -- From the Shaun of the Dead dudes, duh.

Eagle vs. Shark -- New Zealand's answer to Napoleon Dynamite. I might have mentioned this already.

Casino Royale -- Best Bond ever.

L8r, g8rs.