Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hearts of Iron II

Man, I'm seriously obsessed with this game.

I've pretty much played it nonstop for...a week or two? Maybe more? (Time is slowing down for me, but that's another topic of discussion).

I've played three mostly-full games so far: Poland, Nationalist China, and Germany (still in progress). I mean, it's just so mind-numbingly addictive: Building up your armies, researching better shit, out-maneuvering the enemy, and a shitload of alternate history goodness. For example, in my game as Germany, I've completely dominated everything worth fighting in Europe and Russia, and Alfred Landon is enjoying his third term as U.S. President. I'm also preparing to barrage their major cities with H-bombs.

I'm strongly considering picking up the other games in the series.