Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes & Journeyman premiere

Mm, I luvved both shows.

Favorite Heroes moments:

One shot early on of Claire and Mr. Bennet standing next to one another made it appear as if Claire were about 4 feet tall.

Takezo Kensei is a crazy gaijin! Most significant plot twist of the premiere.

Overall, the premiere raised a lot more questions than it answered. Why did Matt's marriage break up? Was it because he and Suresh are now 'partners'? How did Nathan survive being at ground zero of a nuclear fuck fireball? Did Peter remember that HE can fly at the last minute?

Also, woot at Ando being there. He's totally Samwise.

Meanwhile, Journeyman had its own fair share of awesome moments.

Does it count as cheating if you do it in the past?

I love the trickeroo of impersonating himself in the past.

And I really love the trickeroo of burying the ring under the brick patio before the patio was built.

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