Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cavemen and other etc.

So, last night's Cavemen was awesome. It looks like they took out the 'dumb one' from the pilot, which is awesome. Double awesome: They left in the smart one. And they also took out the stereotypes traditionally associated with black people, putting in stereotypes which actually make sense for Neanderthals. (Well, as much sense as stereotypes can make, at least).

Monday's Heroes was rad as well. Except for CLAIRE CUTTING OFF HER TOE OH GOD.

Journeyman was also good. One of my favorite new shows of the season. (With Life being the other).

I'm also liking Bionic Womangst, but only because it's swimming in angst. And by swimming, I mean the polar angst caps have melted, flooding the Earth.

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