Monday, August 20, 2007

I adore Facade

I just played through as a guy who had to go to the bathroom. I kept asking Grace and Trip where their bathroom was, but the assholes kept ignoring me and focusing on their lame marital problems.

Grace and Trip (mostly Trip, though) are really self-absorbed assholes.

Other games I've been playing lately:

Hitman 2 - If they cut out uber-frustrating shit like the save-game limit and boring/difficult as fuck as fuck levels like the lead-ups to the castle in Japan, this would have been a great game. I've heard later entries in the series are better, though. Also stumbled upon an amusing message: "Guards are looking for a suspicious clone."

Alpha Centauri - Not quite as fun as Civ 3 or 4, since I can't totally conquer the other civs tech-wise and then steamroll over them with advanced units.

Europa 1400: The Guild - Hooray for killing my wife in a duel to gain control of her chain of perfumeries!

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