Thursday, March 29, 2007


So I guess this is the inaugural post of my videogame-themed blog which probably nobody but my friends will read.

(Note: Even though it's videogame-themed, I reserve the right to talk about whatever I damn well please).

To start off, I just finished Stalker. And the endings were pretty lame. Spoilers ahoy!

In one ending, your character makes a wish to be rich. This is quite amusing, since due to the game's broken economy, I already had nearly 200,000 rubles in my pocket. Then again, maybe Russia's economy crashed and all 200,000 rubles could buy is a box of sand or something, I don't know.

For the most part, though, Stalker was quite enjoyable. Rail guns, zombies, killing tons of dudes while bullets are flying all around me...a better time is hard found.

So, next up on my plate will either be Command and Conquer 3 or Shivering Isles, the Oblivion expansion. I'm looking forward to C&C3 because I was recently turned on to the world of RTS via Supreme Commander, and also my friend Kail introduced me to Kane, whom I'm looking forward to.

I'm more reluctant about Shivering Isles, since Oblivion is pretty poor compared to Morrowind. It's just so blatantly homogenized for the console. Not dumbed down, though, thankfully. Anyway, I am looking forward to becoming Vice Sheogorath or whatever, and meeting up with the Golden Saints again. I wonder if they still have uber souls...

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